Shipping Methods

Shipping Methods

  • Overnight on wet or dry ice, in individual, well-labeled containers such as microcentrifuge tubes (i.e. 1.5 mL Eppendorf tubes).  Please do not package samples in PCR tube strips.
  • Previously extracted DNA, dessicated completely, and sent at room temperature.  Researchers using this method must include at least 1 microgram of pure DNA of sufficient purity.  We reserve the right to request new DNA, or tissue, if yours does not meet our quality assurance standards.
  • Due to repeated difficulties in processing and handling samples within the lab, we will no longer accept sample shipments as tissue submerged in ethanol.

Please ship your samples to:

DartMouse Lab
1 Medical Center Drive
Rubin 670 Borwell Loading Dock
Lebanon, NH 03756

Please note that our facility is not able to accept any deliveries over the weekend.  Please time all shipments to arrive at our facility between Monday and Friday.